Lucille Selldin

Till minne av Lucille Selldin 1921-04-29 - 2004-07-18
Levnadsbeskrivning för Lucille som prästen läste vid begravningen

Lucille Selldin was known as LOU, MOM, NANA, THE CANDY LADY, HI-LO, TOOTLE-LU-LU, and "FASHION NANA" She was a New York born "only child" of an Italian immigrant who came to this country at the age of 17 and then became a successful custom tailor with 2 high-end stores in Manhattan. Lou's father, Achille DiSano, married Victoria Damiano. This was a very Italian family! They were loving, religious, disciplined, family-oriented, fiercely loyal, and spoke their minds…Lou in a nutshell!

Growing up in Hasbrook Heights, New Jersey, Lucille went to Catholic schools, and was positively influenced by the Sisters who taught her. In fact, her life ambition as a young girl was to enter a convent, become a Nun, and teach in catholic schools. We all heard conflicting stories on whether she actually went to the convent. If she did, it obviously, was a short stay!

No…Lou's destiny was to go in another direction. She fell in love with a handsome, blonde Swedish fellow named Harry Sven Selldin. (Frank Sinatra, her idol, was already taken!) In 1941, Harry and Lucille married when Lou was almost 20. Harry worked at Prudential Insurance until he was drafted into the army during WWII.

These were busy times and Lucille was a good Catholic girl. So…from 1944 to 1949, she had a child every few years - Harry Jr. in 1944, Glenn in 1947, and Jackie in 1949. In 1952, the Selldin clan moved from New Jersey to Houston, Texas, because Prudential was opening a new office here. Along with many others Prudential friends transferred to Texas, they settled in the Spring Branch community near Long Point and Campbell.

The Selldin household's last surprise bundle of joy, Dennis, arrived in 1957! The family was complete. Lou began working part-time after Dennis was born. She became very well-known selling gifts and cosmetics at the Interurban Pharmacy on Memorial. She also assisted the pharmacist. She loved talking and helping people and made so many friends. Everyone knew and loved Lou.

Because Lucille became widowed at the age of 49, she began working full time. Eventually she would work at Gordon Drugs on Gessner, and Kirkwood Pharmacy. Lou only quit working when she was 78 because she became unsteady on her feet, falling unexpectedly. Of course, we only later knew this was the beginning of her ALS.

And Oh, how Lou loved her grandchildren, who ranged in age from One to Forty! She adored her 6 great grandchildren. "Nana" had such a gift of making them feel special and teasing them in a way only she could get away with! Just thinking of all the fun they had brings a smile to all of our faces.

It's hard to believe that Lou's independent life could change so abruptly and the extent of what she had to endure as she fell more often and got sicker. She was in 16 different hospitals or skilled nursing units within the past 4 years. And it wasn't until 3 months ago that the Doctors finally diagnosed her with Lou Gehrig's disease.

Lucille fought hard to regain her life and never wanted to give in to this insidious disease. When the Lord finally convinced her to join Him, she left this world that kept her mind trapped in her body to rejoin Harry Sr., her Mom and Dad, and so many others that came to her when she was sick.

We loved her without reservation and are better for being a part of her life. We miss her already, but know she is at peace and finally whole.

With all our love…The Family

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