Stockholm Street Car Company

Ludvig Selldin (1878-1962) was employed at the Stockholm Street Car Company 1899-1941. In 1899 he was employed as groom. In the early 1900's the streetcars were electrified and the horses disappeared. Ludvig became driver and later on ticket collector. He retired in 1941.

Photo from the Stockholm Street Car Museum
Ludvig, the man to the left, and his workmate, Mr Holmstedt, with street car horses. About 1900.

Ludvig, ticket collector, dressed in the summer uniform. About 1920.

In 1909 there was a general strike in Stockholm. Ludvig took part in the strike. He had been employed at Stockholm Streetcar Company for 10 years before the strike. After the strike he was reemployed as a beginner at low wage, and at this time he had a family to support. Out of more than one thousand streetcar employees who went out on strike less than a third were reemployed. Almost one hundred of the streetcar strikers emigrated to the USA. The Streetcar Company was only one of many employers involved in the strike.

Oscar has described how it was, when the family moved from downtown Stockholm to Råsunda (a suburb to Stockholm). All their furniture was loaded in a streetcar trailer. After being driven to Råsunda it was lifted of the rails while they unloaded it. This must have been an exiting experience for a boy aged five.

Lisa contributed to support the family by cleaning the streetcars. The photo is taken outside the streetcar garage in Råsunda 1920.

Gösta the youngest son of Ludvig and Lisa was employed as painter at Stockholm Street Car Company. He got the same neurological damage as many other painters and died in 1977.

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