Pictures from the Selldin Family Album

Transatlantic Meetings

June 1938

Upper from left: Arvida (David's wife), David, Gertrude (Erik's wife), Erik, Signe (Henning's wife), Henning
Bottom from left: Lisa (Ludvig's wife), Ludvig, Jenny, Nils (Jenny's husband)

The photo was taken in June 1938 when Erik visited his family in Sweden. Ludvig, Jenny, David, Henning och Erik were siblings.

April 2010

From left: Stig (grandson of Henning), Robert (son of Stig), Mark (son of Harry) and Harry (grandson of Erik)

In April 2010 Stig and Robert from Sweden visited their family in Houston, Texas. Stig and Harry are second cousins. Robert and Mark are third cousins.

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