Selldin or Sälldin

Today there are about 30 persons named Selldin in Sweden and about 10 named Sälldin. In the USA there are approximately as many Selldins as in Sweden.We are members of three different families, descendants to the following men:

Magnus has today five descendants named Selldin. These are living in the west of Sweden.

Karl Johan has today 24 descendants named Selldin living in Sweden and about as many in the US.

Anders Gustav has today about ten descendants named Sälldin living in the east of Sweden.

In the military registers the name is spelled Sälldin for both Karl Johan and Anders Gustav.

Today all the descendants of Karl Johan Selldin spell the name Selldin. In the old churchbooks the spelling of the name varies. The most common is Selldin, but Seldin occurs. At one occasion it is even spelt Felldin.

The varying spelling is probably due to the lack of knowledge in reading and writing in the old times.

Selldin and Sälldin are pronounced in the same way in Swedish.

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