The Swedish Church

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Up till the end of the 19th century the Swedish Church, which is a Lutheran Church, had a great influence on the life of the Swedish people. From the end of the 17th century the Church was responsible for the national registration. By law the priests also had the obligation to control the people's knowledge in reading, writing and religion. From the churchbooks we can learn a lot about our ancestors. At the end of the 19th century the nonconformist churches and the labour movement contributed to upset the influence of the Church.

The three eldest children of Karl Johan and Josefina Selldin were baptized when they were just born according to the rules of the Swedish Church. Karl Johan and Josefina then joined a Baptist Church. When their daughter Jenny is born in 1881 it says in the churhbook: "Not baptized for confidential reasons." Their son David is born in 1883, in the churchbook you can read: "The child is not baptized has no christian name the parents donīt approve to baptize children." Henning is born in 1886 and now the churchbook tells us that the parents are Baptists but the Church (ie the Swedish Church) does not accept that the parents refuse to have their children baptized. Jenny, David and Henning are all baptized on the 14th of July 1886 in Estuna (picture above). When the youngest son Erik is born in 1891 he is baptized according to the rules of the Swedish Church.

During the latest one hundred years the influence of the Swedich Church and the peoples obedience to the priests has changed completely. In the year 2000 the organisational connection beetween the Church and the government will come to an end.

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