The Hundrahärad Company

Two men of the family has served as soldier at the Hundrahärad Company at Uppland's Regiment. Hundrahärad is the jurisdictional district in Uppland where the family lived for more than one hundred years.

Sven Mård
The soldier's name Mård is the Swedish word for marten.

In the military record from 1792 we can read that Sven Ericsson Mård enrolled as soldier #71 on May 30, 1791. He was born in Gothenburg. Sven Mård was 5 feet 9 inches tall and single. In 1800 he was still enrolled as soldier #71 by this time he was married. Shortly afterwards he resigned and became a shoemaker.

Håkan Selldin
In Sweden we have compulsory military service, that includes all Swedish men. During most of the 20th century all young men were trained to be soldiers. The budget for military defense has decreased. Nowadays only every second boy does military service.

In 1996/1997 (two hundred years after Sven Mård) a young man from the family once again served at the Hundrahärad Company at Uppland's Regiment, namely Håkan. Sven Mård was Håkan's great great great great great grandfather.

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