Seaman Holm

While some farmers had to support soldiers for the army other farmers had to support seamen for the navy. When a young man enrolled as a soldier or seaman, he most often got better conditions. From being a farm-hand he got a small farm of his own (a croft). He was now able to support a family. When he took part in military training his wife cared for the croft.

The Seamen got their training on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. The accommodations in the camps were very bad. Many seamen died from epidemic diseases during military training.

Seaman #50 of North Roslag's 2nd Company had his croft in Rimbo north of Stockholm. Like the soldiers the seamen were given special names, when they enrolled. Seaman #50 got the name Holm. Holme is a Swedish word for a small island.

Per Holm
In 1815 Seaman Per Holm married Britta Stina Mård. Britta Stina and Per got one daughter (Britta Kajsa born 1817). When Per Holm took part in military training on Skeppsholmen in 1821, he died from typhoid fever. Per Holm became 30 years old. Britta Stina stays in the crofter's cottage with her daughter.

Erik Holm
In 1822 Britta Stina married Johan Erik. When Johan Erik married Britta Stina he succeeded Per both in marriage and military service. This is called to "preserve the widow". Johan Erik also got the name Holm, when he enrolled. Britta Stina and Johan Erik got three children (Karl Johan born 1823, Gustav born 1826 and Maja Stina born 1830). Navy Corporal Erik Holm died from typhoid fever on Skeppsholmen in 1837. Erik Holm became 41 years old. Britta Stina stays in the crofter's cottage.

Johan Holm
In 1839 Britta Stina (aged 43) married Johan Andersson a young farm-hand only 25 years old. He got the name Holm when he enrolled as seaman. Britta Stina died 1871. After having retired as seaman Johan Holm worked as sexton. He died in 1892 aged 78.

Karl Johan Holm (son of Seaman Erik Holm) married Kajsa Lotta West (daughter of Seaman Anders West). They got two sons and four daughters. Both their sons enrolled as dragoons at the Life Regiment. Karl Johan Selldin (Dragoon #38) was their eldest son. Their youngest son Axel Teodor Dahlin (Dragoon #49) died from brain fever only 19 years old.

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