Johan Hilmer Selldin
In 1893 Karl Johan Selldin and his 18 years old son Johan Hilmer left Sweden with destination Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Within a year Karl Johan returned to the family in Stockholm. Johan Hilmer stayed in Canada and the family lost contact with him. In 1896 Karl Johan Selldin went back to look for Johan Hilmer with no success.

Erik Selldin and Judith Johansson
In 1911 Erik the youngest son of Karl Johan Selldin emigrated to the USA. Erik was 20 years old and single when he left Sweden. He arrived to New York on December 15th 1911. Erik's sister Jenny had a brother in law (Erik Oskar Fredriksson), who had emigrated to USA in 1896. Erik had never met him in Sweden but most certainly heard through Jenny how well it was in the new country. The first time in USA Erik stays with Erik Fredriksson in East Orange, New Jersey.

After a year in USA Erik had arranged work and saved money for a ticket for Judith. Judith Johansson left Gothenburg in Sweden on a ship and arrived to New York on October the 18th 1912.

Thanks to American Family Immigration History Center on Internet we know that Erik traveled with Lusitania and Judith with Mauretania.

Erik and Judith married in the USA. Erik and his second wife Gertrud visited the family in Sweden 1938.

Sweden - an Emigration Country
From about 1850 up to 1930 over 1 million persons emigrated from Sweden to North America, which were about 20% of the population. Most of those who left Sweden were between 15 and 35 years old. The emigration was high when the times were bad in Sweden and good in North America. During years of crop failure and the years after the general strike in 1909 the number of emigrants increased.

In 1907 "Nationalföreningen mot emigrationen" (The Swedish Association against the Emigration) was founded. The purpose was to prevent people from emigrating. Oscar Selldin worked as an errand boy for the association in 1924-1925.


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