Dragoon #38

The Swedish military system up till about 1900 involved the farmers to contribute to support and arm a soldier. A larger farm had to support both soldier and horse. Such a farm was Sättra in Husby-Lyhundra nearby Norrtälje. The farmer of Sättra was responsible for soldier and horse number 38 of the Roslag’s 2nd squad of the Life Regiment Dragoon Corps.

When a soldier enrolled he was given a special name. That name had often some connection with the farm that supported the soldier. Soldiers who succeeded each other where often given the same name.

From 1859 up to about 1890 when the regiment ceased the following persons served as dragoon number 38 of Roslag’s 2nd squad:

A soldier's name had often a meaning that could be a good quality of a soldier. The Swedish word Säll means Blissful. Other soldiers' names could be the Swedish words for Strong, Brave etc.

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